We are a small, online-only bakery based in Makati, specializing in desserts and bread:

  • Triple Chocolate Fudgy Brownies
  • Chewy, chewy cookies (including our OG Chocolate Chip, Dark, Oatmeal, Espresso & Lite)
  • Moist banana bread with chocolate chips (+ a gluten-free version!)
  •  Langos (deep-fried bread dough) in 3 flavors

At the moment, we are accepting orders for delivery only. We are constantly working to expand our menu of desserts, along with our own delivery service – aiming to make it more affordable than the current delivery options available in the metro.


After more than a decade in employment, we were stressed, unhealthy and unhappy. We decided it was time to quit our job, slow down, enjoy life and reconnect with the people around us. And what better way to do this than with some good food?

Six months and a lot of experimenting in the kitchen later, we started sending out samples to our friends and family, and have been overjoyed with the positive response we’ve gotten. Just like that, we were in business.


Banhof is the German word for train station, to suggest something that is quick and on time. But also it’s purposely misspelled, a play on the word banh, which is Vietnamese for bread.

Got that? We know it’s a mouthful for 6 letters, 2 syllables, 1 name. But we love it when people ask us about the name, because we love explaining it and talking to people about it.


Other than our deep commitment to good food at affordable prices, we also aim to: (1) support quality, local products as much as possible, and (2) keep our plastic footprint low.

We choose to buy ingredients produced by small & medium enterprises instead of conglomerates, and we choose to use recyclable packaging for all our products.