Brownie Bar Gift Box


Party-sized box of our chocolate bars. Your choice of purely brownies, purely Revel bars, or a mix of the two in one box!

It’s the perfect gift box for sharing at larger gatherings. Also perfect for families that really love chocolate bars!

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Each selection of brownies is a dozen pieces (~400gm net weight). Each selection of Revel Bars 2.0 is 9 pieces (~350gm net weight).

Example order: 1 selection of brownies + 1 selection of Revel Bars 2.0 = one dozen brownies + 9 pieces Revel Bars 2.0 (~750 gm net weight).  Comes in a 7″ x 10.5″ recyclable paper box.

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Product 1

Brownies, Revel Bars 2.0

Product 2

Brownies, Revel Bars 2.0


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